Maternity Photography

Preparing for your maternity session

 Be sure we have selected a time when you think you will be relaxed and well rested. Eat a light breakfast or lunch before your session. Allow yourself to concentrate on the photo session by not scheduling other appointments on the same day as your session.

 Select  several changes of clothes ahead of time. Solid colors work well. It is best if your clothes are wrinkle free so bring them on hangers. We usually suggest having 3 or more changes on hand. You will want clothes that show off your pregnancy, rather than minimize it. Often comfortable, form fitting clothing will work well for this. We also have a number of garment available in our studio for your use during your session. If you are interested in doing nude, semi-nude or lingerie images, please let us know ahead of time.

 Be careful not to wear tight fitting garments or elastic straps over any area that will show during the shoot. You don't want strap marks to appear on the photographs.  If you do have some marks, don't worry, we can retouch them.

When preparing hair and make-up we recommend taking a conservative approach.

 If you have specific ideas of what you want or have clipped pictures that you like, bring them along to show us.  If you don't have specific ideas, don't worry, it is fun to improvise as we go. Tell us what you would like... We want your session to be fun and to create images that will be cherished by you, your family and your child.

We will enhance your image to take care of blemishes, stretch marks and soften lines.

If you would like a maternity session.
We generally recommend that moms-to-be arrange to have their session take place during weeks 32-36 of pregnancy. This timeframe allows you to be significantly pregnant with gorgeous curves and that pregnancy "glow", but not so far advanced in your pregnancy that clothing changes and positioning would be difficult to achieve during our session. Moms-to-be typically aim for several different clothing options  or looks and therefore, there are a number of changes into and out of different garments. As pregnancy progresses, it can become increasingly difficult to do so. In addition, some of the positions that moms-to-be would like to see in their portraits become difficult to attain during the latter stages of pregnancy.

It is best to call for an appointment during the early stages of pregnancy so that the session can be booked well in advance. We recommend moms-to-be call anytime from weeks 15-25 in order to make session arrangements.   Because sessions are typically booking 2-3 months in advance, it can be very difficult and sometimes impossible to accommodate a mom-to-be who is in the later stages of pregnancy and  needs images captured immediately.

Your session may be in the comfort and privacy of our Studio or in your home.